Uberpaul and the ghosts of Joe Meek and Delia Derbyshire are currently locked in the Mardi’s Recording Studio making a space soundtrack for The Utica Flower Company.

Check out the Recording Studio for more information, or listen here:

Rocketships of Love – Utica Flower Company, Space Soundtrack by quixodelicrecords


Download ‘The Utica Flower Company 2.0’ here

The Utica Flower Company 2.0 by quixodelicrecords

A collaborative record documenting the Epilogue section of the first UFC book. Simon Piler, Smally, Becky N, and W are adrift at sea having escaped the Mardi after it sailed off the edge of the world. Lo-fi folk-pop available as a free download through Quixodelic Records.

For lots more records from Quixodelic & friends, please visit:


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