Bunkroom 7 – Bottom Bunk


9 thoughts on “Bunkroom 7 – Bottom Bunk

  1. Hey Ed – a thought

    With the musical collaboration stuff going on at the Wayfarer, I was thinking that maybe we could redirect the ship’s Sound Laboratory over there… with so much going on here it has never really taken off.

    Possibly we could install some kind of flume system…

  2. Yes, I’m fine with either of those prospects. It’s just as simple as setting up a forum, I suppose. Unless you want an actual page separate from the forum, which is also possible. Let me know what kind of setup you want.

    1. I think I’m just meaning re-direct it to The Wayfarer – you’ve put in enough work in already over there setting up a forum and have already got the bones of a functioning collaborative system. You could do whatever you want with the Sound Lab – I suppose it’s not impossible that sometime between now and May 2010 (estimated time we should make it around the world in this ship) a collaborative project might rise from the Flower Co, but until then if there’s anyone over here interested in doing music collaboration stuff then they should head over there. All we really need is some kind of picture link in the shape of a magic flume that can transport interested parties to the precise point at The Wayfarer that they should go to. Does that make sense?

      Incidentally, Jolan (Falling Floors) came up with a cracking idea for a cover album, and I added a twist.

      The White (Christmas) Album

      Covers of all the tracks on The Beatles “White Album” for free download at Christmas

      He wants to do “Bungalow Bill”
      I’m up for “I’m So Tired”

      Sound any good?

    1. ace

      but in the sound lab rather than the recording studio… though technically now that I think about it there’s a degree of crossover there

      I think originally the Recording Studio was for showcasing tunes recorded while on the ship, and the Sound Lab was for collaboration stuff… but neither of them have particularly taken off, so it’s something that we should collectively think about


      stick the flume (or some alternative mode of transportation to the Wayfarer ) in the Sound Lab for now, I think you’ve got the best set-up via the townhall, cllct, here, there, and everywhere else really to pull people together


  3. Well, hello there, by the way…

    I don’t think we’ve officially met, yet. My name is Simon Piler.
    (What I can’t fathom yet is how my name gets labeled over everything I say… Strange.)

    A nice little spot you’ve got here!

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