Tiny Kettles (June 11, 2009)

The deck is calm and silent.

Flickering to light, a dark shape in a dark corner.

A girl appears there, made from white noise. She lies with shallow breath, dinner plate eyes and twitches. She reaches out to something, nothing in front of her face, and then twangs out from existence.

The deck is calm and silent.

Alfie: What does this mean?!

Simon Piler: Probably not cause for alarm, however strange.

Echoes 22: There is a ghost on the ship, slipping LSD into the rum.
Be very alarmed, this is no joke.

Alfie: A phantom drug dealer or a drug dealing phantom?

Echoes 22: Anyone else’s brain leaking out of their ear?

Alfie: Try and catch some of that brain in a beaker will you Echoes 22? I’m sure Becky could put it to good use as thought fodder in the flower-fusing dept.

Failing that, Bobby we could even make some meaty brainballs and we’ll feed them to the tourists.

Becky N: Mine’s leaking in a never ending stream down corners and through mouseholes where talking rats gather it in tiny buckets to boil on their even tinier kettles for brain tea.

Simon Piler: WAIT A SECOND!

Someone’s been fiddling with our ecto-sonic data reservoirs, haven’t they?!