The Utica Flower Company – Book 1, Part 1

2590 days after we set sail:

The Utica Flower Company – Book 1, Part

It’s been a long journey trying to wrangle this behemoth into some kind of readable shape, and maybe it could be better, but if I don’t publish it now, then I fear I never will. With the first part out of the way, I’m going to take a month off to edit something else, then will start work on Part 2, with it hopefully being done by the end of October. Something tells me Parts 2, 3, and 4 are going to be even harder.

But it wouldn’t be the Flower Co if it wasn’t like that. 🙂


If you can’t afford a paperback, or a $0.99 Kindle download, why not grab yourself a free pdf here:


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