Art Gallery

Thought you might enjoy a comic or two, though not really the humorous kind,
perhaps more contemplative.

ionpoem a

ionpoem b22

ionpoem 17forsite

ionpoem 25 edit for site




4 thoughts on “Art Gallery


    All is well in the Art Studio. Need to update stuff about the 1000 cover march here + SP sketches for the book (inspirational stuff indeed).

    Is it true that once you catch Cartoonitis, you never fully regain the third dimension?

    1. Aye, comrade.

      But, that could be seen as either a dismal curse…


      …an excellent excitement of profound consequence.

      (Largely dependent on your degree of syndication, of course.)

  2. I dig contemplative thought scribble. There’s nothing aesthetically finer than illustration that looks like it’s been conceptually vomited from the individuals nogin. Like a combination of Tony Hart and Aldous Huxley.

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