Book of Advice For Little Gremus


BOOK OF ADVICE FOR LITTLE GREMUS (published September 2016)

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There are five eternal questions at the heart of reality: Who? What? Where? When? and Why? Disgraced Aztec god Frannypaxl recruits a chain-smoking, defective 10 year old fast food worker named Magoo in a full-throttle, mind-boggling race against the clock. With a little help from a mysterious book, her trusty bazooka, and a carriage clock called Little When, Magoo has to reunite the war-torn, hunted Gremus, stay one step ahead of a psychotic half-eaten jar of peanut butter, and locate the Elusive Why.

Do burgers live in the forest, and if so, will they eat you? What does griffin and fonkey-flavoured soup taste like? How do you catch the perfect vord? And how do you make a baby?

“Book of Advice…” attempts to answer everything your little Gremu should know, and a few things they probably shouldn’t.