Engine Room


Here is our new engine.


Believe it or not, that little ball of blue light called a ‘seed’ is alive and it is powering the entire ship. Don’t ask me how it works or how we got hold of one. All I can say is that they are astronomically expensive (we could sell the Mardi six million billion times and still not be able to afford one), incredibly rare (though mined throughout the Unimerse… scientists estimate there are approximately 679 seeds in circulation), and undoubtedly irreplaceable (it took a LOT to get hold of this, and I had the Unimerse Machine at the time…)

Okay, let me show you what it can do.


[pulls an ON/OFF lever on the wall]

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Just don’t look at it too long or it gives you a really sore head.

And NEVER look at it without goggles on.

I don’t know why. It probably makes you go blind, maybe worse.

Essentially what I’m saying here is that as long as

A. We don’t tell anyone that we’ve got one of these


B. Nobody messes around with it

Then C. We’re sorted for as long as we need for high-speed, long-distance space-flight.

I’m led to believe that an adult seed in use is capable of living nearly one hundred thousand years and this particular one was only recently mined, so unless anyone is planning on cryogenically freezing themselves, then it’s full-speed ahead.


11 thoughts on “Engine Room

  1. Don’t wave your arms around in excitement! this is very touchy equipment. Any one of its 1000 levers could do anything, and who knows what any of them do! I’m not even sure it’s a ship engine. But it seems to be getting us somewhere at the moment and that’s all that matters.

    Engineer out.

  2. I’ve uploaded the instruction manual Nos – tried to have a read of it last night but it’s gobbledygook to me… as the erm Chief Engineer I’ll let you get your head around it… or feed it to the pelicans

  3. Now that the engine-time-machine is plugged in again we appear to be making good ground – coupled with the fact I’ve finally figured out how to steer the ship and we’ll be laughing right the way around the world.

    Have you figured out the instruction manual yet Becky? I may require some stuff be brought back from the future to facilitate a future Flower Co expedition. I volunteer to not volunteer to be one of the people who go into the future to get what I’m not going to say just yet that we need. It’s a red jersey thing. I know we all wear green, but I just know I’d be the red jersey guy.

  4. Spatial Selector Valve: This three-way valve allows the operator to turn on, off, or prime the spatial recognition system. The priming mechanism is vacuum assisted which allows a complete & instantaneous prime each and every time.


  5. Wow! I am actually very impressed.

    That was precise and prompt. Now to figure out what an operator is…. …Is it related at all to an oscillator?

  6. When asked a question, the engineer sits down seriously, with a contemplative look on her face. She strokes her invisible beard and looks off into the distance.

    2 months later:

    “Oh THAT manual. Yes, it’s very helpful. Thank you for finding it. You’re a much better engineer than I am, Smally. But don’t tell anyone. I need this job.”

    1. I dunno about that, the crazy shit in that busted fridge of yours is blooming brilliant. Every plant I’ve ever tended to never got far beyond the seed stage. Ship Engineer is about a lot more than just tinkering with time machines. It’s about engineering things – ie. by setting up this site you “engineered” an environment that generated an idea that led (inevitably) to the existence of the ship.

      [Salutes and ambles off in search of NRT]

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