observatory of multitudes


6 thoughts on “The OOM

    1. Exactly.

      But I still need an alternative. This is the most uninteresting crow’s nest ever. Imagine you were a little kid and you somehow got let loose on a big old wooden ship like this. What would be the first thing you would do?

      My money’s on climb up to the crow’s nest.

      The kids must be like “Oh… a big list of… things

      …where are the matches!”

  1. Apologies to those of you who enjoyed clambering up to the Craw’s Nest under the stars to enjoy the solitude, but I put in this little treehouse toadstool instead, complete with wood burning stove, little wooden windy staircase, and 3 comfy sofa beds (very titchy) in the top section.

    Complaints on a postcard to Bunkroom 3.

  2. I ordered this trampoline and they air lifted it out to the ship. It looked much bigger in the picture. And it came with this free child.


  3. That’s not quite what I had in mind when I said a trampoline

    I’ve put the kid in the library for now just in case we lose it, given it a copy of “The Complete Works of Edward Alan Bartholomew”

    What kind of people send a free child with a trampoline!?

    [*horrific vision – The Utica Flower Company orphanage is open for business. This morning’s class – making jam with Becky N. This afternoon – cops & robbers with Smallyom. This evening – dance classes with Simon PIler & The Atom Band]

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