Bunkroom 6 – Top Bunk

Here I sit in a nest of cables and keyboards. Surrounded by drum machines old and new, pitchshifters deep and low, humming Moogs and pre-amps and twitching VU meters, I’m trying to produce a fitting audio accompaniment to this psychedelic Shackleton-esque spectacle. Bubbling analogue synths and whining oscillators orchestrate the days and nights and the faint sparkle of flashing lights from the plethora of electronic equipment are my only friends…


…unless you include the etherial companions that are the spirits of Joe Meek and Delia Derbyshire? Two of the finest undead UK exponents of radiophonic exploration and otherworldly echo.

The three of us are working hard to supply the fitting audio for this journey. My omnipresent assistants and I need support from you, so don’t forget about us, locked away with our cauldron of sound and experimentation.

Check up on us, but don’t come in.

It smells a bit in here.



2 thoughts on “Bunkroom 6 – Top Bunk

  1. Its ALIIIIIIIVE!! It lives!

    My spiritual accomplices have aided me well and I have created something organic yet etherial. This voyage of colour and smell now has a sense of sound to it also. The Moog i’ve been using was tempramental and dusty but has delivered some fitting pieces of buzzy, bass’y hum. The grand piano needed tuning from the start but I never got round to it. And the stylophone nearly ran out of battery power (it’s hard to find AA’s in the ocean OR the ether).

    I can now relax and explore the rest of the ship….

    …actually, I think i’ll stay in here where it’s warm and familiar. I’d miss my nest of leads and my pillow of oscillators.

    …Is there a cure for cabin fever?

  2. ++My advice is to crawl through the amphetamine popcorn riddled air vents, (thus avoiding any weirdness that will inevitably befall you should you take the stairs) and make your way to the Solarium. Nobody ever goes in there. Although that might be because it is haunted++

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