Basement Bar


2 thoughts on “Basement Bar

  1. Do we have any bourbon in here? Bourbon would be nice. Scotch would be a good second if bourbon’s a no-go. If that’s out too, then I suppose plain old whiskey will do. Splash of water to stretch it a bit. A couple bills for the barkeep. If I get any callers, I’ll be asleep in the parking lot. Cheers!

  2. Roberta says we’ve got just about everything alcoholic (including bourbon and scotch) + a few speciality drinks from other planets. Having hit some interplanetary bars during the summer I’d recommend you stick to what we know. Bud. Miller. Rum. Cheap cider.

    She knows you’re all good for it, just… well she’s a bit feisty. S’all I’m saying.

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