grilled cheese

As of now, our beverage selections are limited, but tasty. Fairly traded, dark roasted coffee, Irn-Bru (pictured above), and of course various wines, beer (I recommend the Utica Club. Seriously.) and the ever present, seemingly endless supply of rum. The Glenlivet and Maker’s Mark are my own private stash, but we’re working on recruiting some top-shelf pelicans for the next shipment so if you’ve got any particular taste now’s the time to speak up.



22 thoughts on “Galley

  1. one thing though:

    bear in mind that at the end of all this my plan is to turn it into a book of sorts (a keepsake) – with the bulk of the book being the posts, or at the very least a seletction of posts, and the latter half being a page by page breakdown of the rooms and comments…. I’ll even be hand drawing all the pictures so as we don’t get busted for copyright when it becomes an airport paperback bestseller

    so every time you change the pics and words of the page we lose it forever – can you post new dishes in the comments and just change the pictures?

    that’s not a grumble about the cooking, I’ve been eating my burger for the last 14 hours and I’m still not even halfway through it

  2. And here is a wonderful eggplant parmigiana. Vegan? Not a problem! Just say “no cheese,” and it’ll be up in a jiffy.

    And as for the meat dish… Well, if you can catch him, you can eat him. I ain’t about to try…

  3. Oh, Frog Juice! Why hadn’t I thought of that when I sent the pelicans out to Pahokee? I’ll see if I can scare some up for ye…

    For now, though…

    Calamari, anyone?

    Or maybe a nice falafel sandwich?

  4. Howdy Robert!
    Requesting permission to place a Coffee Heart in the kitchen for use in controlling the intership vascular coffee system.

    I should mention that it might require some maintainance on behalf of the kitchen’s staff… …But that depends quite a lot on how much coffee we actually consume.

  5. Working on me telekinesis, mateys… all I can manage in this state is grilled cheese…

    Full report pending… Can only maintain communication with the outside world for a few seconds at a time, but I’m getting there…

    Falafel is a traditional middle eastern dish made of chick pea flour and seasonings. Wonderful with Tzatziki and roasted red peppers…

    Simon; if you haven’t installed the coffee heart, go to it…

  6. Oh, yes, indeed! We’ve got a little minor atria installed somewhere under the bathrooms, but… …it’s underneath the bathrooms, and you know, I am very confident in Emerson’s plumbing work, but it would make me much more confident to have the whole thing seated in the master chef’s reach.
    Work commencing.

      1. This unbearable heat on the ship is not somehow connected to this coffee machine is it?

        coffee beans… I’m going to borrow some of these if that’s okay. (fills five sacks) – planning on filling my mattress with them.

  7. With the amount of caffeine I’m consuming, I really don’t care that it’s really, really hot! Who needs sleep anyway. Waste of time.

  8. Where’d my plane go, anyways?

    (looks around, after 5 seconds sees Bobby)

    “Yo. Bobb-Y!”

    (Forgets plane, orders a root beer)

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