“This is about music, it’s about freedom of hallucination, it’s about adventure and it’s about friends…

Who are we kidding, nobody ever knows what it’s about.” – The Chief

“Since The Mardi set sail on the 1st May 2009, the three separate elements of what we’re involved in here have found their own form. Like a great big tree. The foundations and big thick lower branches are The Daydream Generation, where you climb on. The middle of the tree where the juicy fruit grows is Quixodelic Records. And the top of the tree is The Utica Flower Company, where the wind blows hard and the branches are spindly and perilous, that’s where only the really wild ones climb.” – Smally

“Bopcrons!’ – Dr Simon Piler

The Utica Flower Company is the surreal, comical, and incredibly confusing account of an obscure musical collective’s attempt to sail around the Earth. On the 1st of May 2009, members of the collective began to collaborate on an inflatable journal detailing their escapades on board an old wooden ship named the Mardi. To begin with, the journal was seen as an alternative way of promoting our net label (Quixodelic Records), but it quickly became apparent that we were doing something much, much weirder. Between setting sail from Jacksonville Harbour on that sunny morning in 2009, and the 31st of August 2011, surviving members of the collective penned enough material to fill 4 mighty tomes (“The Utica Flower Company: Books 1-4”), made two records (“The Utica Flower Company 2.0” and Rocketships of Love’s “Space Soundtrack”), drew countless sketches with short pencils, compiled an “Invisible Box-Set”, produced an animated movie, and penned a film script entitled “Doom Cruise”. The Flower Company project is ongoing and the original journal continues to be laboriously redrafted as collaborators attempt to make sense of ice-cream nebulas, robot pelicans, ill-fated moon missions, physics-defying ping-pong, time travelling electrical appliances, calamitous football matches, and all sorts of other generated strangeness.

The Utica Flower Company: Book 1 was published on 8th July 2016 and can be bought or downloaded here: UFC Book 1

Books 2-4 will be available throughout 2017 and 2018.

A sequel to The Utica Flower Company, “An Unofficial Biography of The Real Burnouts” will be available to read on this site throughout June/July 2017.



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