Cabin 4


10 thoughts on “Cabin 4

  1. Uhh I have a newfound respect for you guys/gals that designed this site…I’m sure I’ll get it soon enough but it took way more time than expected just to update my cabin!! And what’s with it not letting me put spaces in between lines of text? I know I need to resize some of the actual pictures so I’ll work on that tomorrow when I have more time…

  2. Yeah it’s not the easiest to deal with – looks like its to do with the alignment of the images (aligned left), if you hover over the image in edit mode it gives you an option to resize them, reposition them etc. I think that’s why the text is bunching up. On saying that it’s still perfectly readable so I wouldn’t worry bout it.

    Animal Collective – now there’s a band that technically on paper I should love, but the two records of theirs I’ve heard I found really disappointing… just atmospheric acoustic noodling, no song substance. I’m sure I must be missing something – any ideas?

    Of Montreal I like a lot – getting pointed in the direction of E6 a year or so ago by JOTA and Jane Gilmore was a bit of a revelation. Neutral Milk Hotel and Apples In Stereo would be high on my most played lists if it wasn’t for the fact I spend most of my time listening to our own obscure stuff. Olivia Tremor Control is going to require some work, but I’ll get there. Elf Power is the only band I’ve heard so far that I just don’t get.

    1. Which Animal Collective albums have you heard? Just wondering because some of their early stuff can be just like you said. The first album I heard was Strawberry Jam, and at first I was just like…this is crazy. I couldn’t get into it at first. After a few listens, though, I was in love. I don’t know, to me it’s just so original sounding, plus I love the lyrics and how they’re relatively low in the mix so you have to strain to hear what they’re saying sometimes, and when you figure it out it doesn’t disappoint. Plus Avey and Panda’s harmonies, all their spastic shrieks/weird noises and just the musical composition altogether. So yeah like we always end up saying on E6 it all comes down to taste, but for me Sung Tongs and Strawberry Jam are two of my all-time favorite albums.

      As far as OTC goes, Black Foliage took me 3 or 4 good listens to realize how goddamn brilliant it is (especially for the psychedelia), Dusk at Cubist Castle is good but I just don’t like it quite as much..I’m sure other people would feel the opposite…and the two Circulatory System albums I can say with fair certainty that you would really appreciate if you haven’t heard them already. Never got into Elf Power either, but I’m willing to give them another shot if someone ever tries to convince me.

      1. actually just “Campfire Songs” – on paper I felt like it should be the kind of band I would fall in love with instantaneously, but my first impressions were “Well I can see where Tofu Delux came from but now those kids are streets ahead”… I had a sneaky feeling I’d gotten hold of the wrong record though without any pointers, so I’ll definitely try again. Cheers for that.

        OTC – that record reminds me of reading Dostoyevsky – you know it’s incredible, but it’s not so accessible… I’ve heard it about five times and it’s an unfamiliar place, a few times I’ve gotten bored with it halfway through and started skipping through tracks. I suspect if I’d discovered it in the days of serious drugs it would be a different story, and I’m sure I’ll go back to Foliage sometime when this lo-fi kick is over.

        Thankfully though it shows no sign of abating – if anything my love for lo-fi bedroom folk psychedelia grows stronger the further down the rabbit hole I go. So OTC will have to wait a while yet.

  3. An update: recently started writing for an online newspaper covering “Indie Music” in Houston, hahaha. So I am sorry to say I won’t have time for the lyric book…but excited to see how it turns out…and did I read something about you finishing your manuscript Smally?? I would really like to read it at some point, keep us updated on that please! Also, I have really been enjoying all you guys’ and gals’ music lately! Awesome stuff, so thanks!

    1. well that certainly sounds a lot more practical than what we’re attempting to do here – point us in the right direction sometime

      um manuscript yeah… it’s on my never-ending to do list* to type it up sometime, maybe early winter when the hatches are battoned down (though technically speaking we’ll be in the southern hemisphere by then – assuming we’re still sailing – so it’ll be more lounging around in the sun and an even bigger never-ending to do list no doubt)

      *also imaginary 🙂

    1. Dude smally…the latest Daydream Comp is awesome. I am so ready for some free time to really get some use out of my studio…grats to everyone involved!

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