Bunkroom 2

Take a gander in the closet if you’re curious. You can check out what I’ve got, but don’t steal anything. Not to say I don’t trust my shipmates, y’see… Just a precaution. I might consider lending but I’d need it back eventually…


And so in between sips of my new favourite beverage (bourbon with a splash of bitters), I mixed a demo version of my newest song. So have at it, mateys, and lemme know if it’s good or if it needs something or if it’s so bad that I should just hang up me hat.

Venus (Don’t Believe In Us)

“Stiff upper lip and all that shit,” she said. “Keep it up, don’t let me down.”

“You’ve done enough to make me smile, so I’ll let you go.”

And how could one argue?

Just suck it up and try to keep your voice down.

Though I can’t keep much of anything down anymore…

And it helps to unwind. To wind back the future and find that one single moment is all that you’ll own.

Long underwear slips past childbearing hips, and this potbellied Venus don’t believe in us.

And the only thing new is that we’re both growing old.

And we’re suddenly struck by the sound of the whole world laughing out loud.

And bright lights still shine.

And where you go don’t make you whatever you think you are.


14 thoughts on “Bunkroom 2

  1. I can’t hear it while I’m at work, but you can dig up some audio code via the wordpress forums that let you play audio tracks on here a la Cozy/Daydream – I’ll see if I can dig it up

    got a nice wee sign hanging on the door of Bunkroom 3 now…


  2. It’s not letting me download it

    I’ll have another look in the morning and see if I can puzzle it out – how’s about us putting it in the recording studio (place where we can all update songs/excerpts from works in progress and what have you)?

    1. Yeah, I can’t find any code to get a player up on here. And for some reason linking to a private page on the CHR site doesn’t work. No reason to put up a public post for an unfinished song, so I’ll just sit tight on this one. I tried anyway. I’ll see what I can do when I get outta work on Saturday.

  3. you meaning working in the kitchen – I’M SICK OF MASH MAN!

    yeah it’s because it’s a private page on CH this site can’t access it, but I can play stuff from DG – I was looking forward to hearing this too…

    anyone wants any songs exhibited in the recording studio then give me a shout…

  4. Ahoy, thankee cap’n.

    I’m having some breadcrumbs, various vegetables, fruits rich in vitamin C (no more scurvy!!!) and many different types of cheese among other things flown in via pelican. Also some great organically grown, dark roasted coffee. Can’t function properly without it.

    I’ll keep everyone posted. God I need a friggin laptop. Always outta commission whilst at work.

    Until Saturday!

    1. Coffee’s on!

      I forgot to mention a wide variety of Bully Hill wines (locally grown and made in upstate NY… No chemical additives!). Goes well with the cheese. And crackers. Lots of crackers.

      Help yourself to the appetizer platter whilst I make some finishing touches to the menu…

  5. Bobby, for the record I think this track is the dug’s baws… I don’t understand how it’s at demo stage as I can’t think of anything that needs improving… it’s very folky, and almost JOTA-esque with those bells… the style suits you

    put it in the Recording Studio? I think its definitely a keeper (even as a marker of progress)


    1. Okay so by Saturday I meant Tuesday. They asked me to stay on for the next shift… Gotta make dat scratch while ya can I guess.

      So I guess “dug’s baws” is a good thing? Any relation to “sook the bools”?

      I only say it’s a demo cos I have four different mixes that I’m trying to decide between. Have it narrowed down to two so far…

      And yeah, let’s paste it up in the studio just fer the helluvit, eh?

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