Bunkroom 8 – Bottom Bunk

*Voice over*

Why have I turned into a fish? How can I breath air? Why are my eyes made of crystal balls so all I can see is the future? I keep bumping into things. My teeth are machine guns so all the food I put in my mouth gets massacred before I eat it. It looks like I’m covered in a thin layer of hair but really I have a million tiny arms all around my body. Becky tried to give me a haircut the other day and I had to swim so hard to get away before she cut my hands off. I can hear what everyone’s saying but I can’t say anything back. This is way not as cool as it sounds.


4 thoughts on “Bunkroom 8 – Bottom Bunk

  1. Knock knock

    It’s only me

    Nice to see you back Jonny… we may not be able to take the entire ship to the moon, but we are in the process of at least talking about attempting to convert FIsh Wife (the submersible) and flying to the moon in that.

    It’s still early days and there are only 5 places on the potentially converted rocket, but if you’re volunteering?

    Say, that wasn’t you running around in the giant walrus suit last week was it?

    p.s I agree, the world is not always a fair place because it’s almost always a difficult place, and yet… there are pockets of happiness, genuine happiness, like sitting quietly happiness and watching, or laughing out loud happiness when something funny happens.

    p.p.s let me know if you’re in or out on the moonthing

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