Jazz Monk’s Closet


Go teach, we’ve come to learn and burn into our minds what few facts we can find. Good, I say that’s fine as we have not been fooled, nor will we be misled, but I will say, “Good try.” And we have been trying hard as ever just to look okay. And when no one else is watching we must turn away…

And under starry skies our cries have gone unheard. That is, without a single reply. Good, I say that’s fine as we remain unmoved, and will never be inclined to speak out loud again. And we have been trying hard as ever though it seems our fate to run amok and outta luck, to lose our place and sense of direction…

Someone sucked the fun outta the sunlight and no one walks upright no more. And I’m living to be rid of this time of year. And let me be clear, I ain’t feeling no fear that’s unfounded, just built up and unbound all at once.

And I can’t be right, but that can’t be proven. If doubt casts a shadow it must reflect light, right? And baby, tonight you make more sense than I do but that don’t take much…

Yeah, I been around enough to bring a frown to any face, but that just makes it easier to let you down. And I been living here long enough to feel the fear of living low with no-show slowpokes and nowhere where my weary mind can hide.

So now I’m down for the count and up with the sun, and I could be a model citizen, but then I wouldn’t be having fun.

There was one too many people at the door today. No thought can outlast the moment, no sound will escape unnoticed. We will stream our bedroom scenes across greatly divided floors with carpets gummy, stained with the seeds of unborn suckers.

And oh, good listener kindly hear what you believe to be behind the words wrapped up in nothing save their meaning.


9 thoughts on “Jazz Monk’s Closet

    1. Indeed, indeed! Took me a minute, cos I was confused as to the nature of the tools that were needed to fashion a door… But I got there. I think I’m getting the hang of this carpentry thing.

      1. it’s all hammer and thongs man – I have a few joinery jobs on the horizon I could use some help with so I’ll come a-knocking as and when. I’m itching to dig a tunnel, but common sense is holding me back.

          1. I know – that’s where the common sense kicked in. I’m still not ruling it out completely mind you. The urge to dig tunnels is great and the physical constraints of the ship are relatively speaking slim. So anything is possible. For example see how I actually posted this 3 days ago pre-empting the fact you were going to point out that digging a tunnel through an ocean could potentially be an issue.

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