Cabin 1

Hello DirtCabin One1



6 thoughts on “Cabin 1


    [Stares at sign on door that reads “Cabin 1 is currently locked”… can’t remember if he put this up or if Littlesongs put it up. Coming to think about it, can’t remember ever seeing Littlesongs since the trip began…]

    Knock Knock

    (just in case)


    1. Yeah, I’ve re-created the backyard of my old house in the cabin. It was a pretty ambitious feat, but I think it is only temporary, although I do like the space. Watering the grass every day is a pain and a waste of freshwater supplies. Simon, I do need a piano… I’ll look into it.

      1. It crossed my mind today for the first time that we’ve been at sea for 4 months and we haven’t run out of freshwater once. Not even after I triggered the sprinklers the other night and didn’t switch them off until the following morning, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t even know where the water comes from on The Mardi. Agreed about the watering the grass part. I’ll help you shift some of the fire sprinklers on the top corridor into your room if you want, that way all you’d need to do is open an umbrella, light a match, and voila. The room would water itself.

        Either that, or it’s seriously time we got a cabin boy/girl to do tasks like this.

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